Cutting consumption needn’t be all consuming

As a business you may want to cut carbon usage for any number of good reasons: saving money, achieving ISO standards, supply chain mandates, ethical imperatives…the list goes on. But one thing’s for certain, there are benefits all round.

The trouble is, collating the data you need, calculating your carbon output and pinpointing potential savings can all be incredibly complex. So it’s great to know that our software can simplify things, making it far easier to understand and minimise the carbon consequences of your entire business activity.

We can help you in three ways:


This starts with collating data on the amount of resources (such as electricity, gas and petrol) that your organisation buys. Our simple-to-use templates help you compile this information in as much depth as you need. We can then calculate how this relates to your carbon consumption.


Next, using smart software solutions, we can draw out as much detail as you want about your carbon usage. We convert the figures into a simple, graphical report that tells the story you need, such as progress towards ISO 14001 or how your carbon usage compares to your sector average.


Finally, we can help you use that data to make carbon savings and find ways to fund them. Our expert team have the valuable knowledge and contacts to make this sure this happens cost-effectively.

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of types of clients, across a vast range of industry sectors. By asking the right questions we've been able to show them the way to major ongoing savings in carbon, consumption and costs.

Try our free cEstimator to show you where you can make a difference. We’d be delighted to chat through how our unique solution can work for you. For more information contact:

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