BoB Business over Breakfast

Meeting other local business people over a delicious breakfast means you get to know them - and they you - in an easy, relaxed atmosphere. As well as networking, you will have the chance to stand up and talk for 60 seconds about your business, so you can tell people exactly what you're looking for. Members also get the chance to talk about their business for 10 minutes, one member each meeting.

Networking with BOB not only means that you increase your chances of gaining business. It also means that you can help give business to others - your own contacts and clients may be looking for the very product or service offered by another member. What goes round, comes around. Or to paraphrase a somewhat unattractive phrase - if you scratch someone's back, they'll want to scratch yours too.

Meetings are be held on the first and third Tuesday of every month, from 7-8.30 am.


The Devizes Conservative Club,
30 Long Street
SN10 1NW
Telephone (Club) 01380 722005


Membership is open to any local company, big or small, interested in giving and gaining business. Only one business in any business category is allowed to join, so for example only one underwater basket weaver.

How (much)?
£30 one-off membership fee plus £25.00 per month including breakfast.  

BOB is operated by the members on a not-for-profit basis.